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PINCH is an art project that deals with the concepts of identity, illegality, anonimity and urban space through street art. The word PINCH comes from an anacronym of the initials of the phrase “Names Have been Changed to Protect the Innocent”.

We’re building a big register of the urban art scene made of mugshots of street artists from around the world.

Still, in the picture there’s no identification of who that person might be. This way, although exposing themselves to the limit, the artists remain anonymous to the average public. Hints are given in the frames, though: Each photo is taken in front of one of the person's portrayed work and the info on the pegboard may take to that exact location - marking therefore places/territory within the urban space, reassembling to the origins of graffiti.

The mugshot style photo reminds the viewer that street art remains illegal raising the issue in a rather confronting way.  

Also, barefaced, the characters, aliases and tags fade away (Names Have been Changed to Protect the Innocent) and the artist become the object of the art standing for its cause.

PINCH is a project that’s got no deadlines and is all about how we interact with the urban environment that surrounds us.

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